5 Ways to Keep Your Cat Safe This Holiday

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The holiday season is a joyous occasion to spend with family, friends and loved ones. However, all of the new items entering the home can present dangers to your feline friend's well-being. Read on for some useful tips to keep your cat safe and happy through the New Year!

Holiday Decorations

There are so many wonderful ways to decorate your home for the holidays, your cat's playful senses are bound to be activated by the many stimuli. Make sure to watch your cat around the following:

1. Christmas tree- make sure your tree is securely upright to minimize your cat from causing it to fall to the ground, or on top of your cat, if they are a climber. If you have a real tree, cover the water in the tree stand to ensure your cat is not drinking any of the toxic chemicals that leach into the water over time.

2. Ribbons and tinsel- although these may mimic toys your cat plays with on a regular basis, they can be extremely harmful if ingested. Consider forgoing these stringy decorations all together to avoid a need for emergency surgery down the road.

3. Ornaments- many ornaments can be quite delicate and crack or shatter if knocked down by your cat. Keep breakable ornaments up high where your cat will have a harder time reaching them.

4. Lights and wires- if your cat can't avoid the lure of the twinkling holiday lights on the tree or window, make sure to keep a close eye on them. Chewing lights and wires can lead to shock and electrocution, so make sure to unplug lights when you are out of the home, and keep excess wiring tied up and stored out of reach of your cat.

5. Candles and fireplaces- never leave your cat unattended with any kind of open or closed flames in the house. They could easily get burned by flicking a tail a bit to close to the flame, or possibly cause a fire in your home by knocking over a candle.

Festive Plants

Many cats love plants and can't help but munch on grass or leaves. Although some plants can be quite good for their digestive system, others can be quite toxic or poisonous. Avoid plants like poinsettias, holly, mistletoe, lilies and amaryllis. Do you research about any plant before bringing them into a home with a cat. If you are not sure if a plant is okay for your cat, play it safe by purchasing synthetic plants or silk flowers instead.

Wining and Dining

One of the best parts of the holidays is the special food and beverages. Some consumables you are bringing into the home can be quite harmful to your cat. Many cat owners know to keep their feline friends away from items like chocolate, onions, grapes, raisins and avocados. However, foods high in sodium and fat, in addition to dairy products, can also cause health complications. If you suspect your cat has eaten something they shouldn't have, call your vet right away.

Dressing the Part

Many families love dressing their cats in cute and festive holiday outfits. Who can blame them? There are many funny and adorable options on the market. However, many cats do not enjoy this seasonal dressing, and forcing them to wear clothes and other accessories can sometimes be quite stressful. If you suspect your cat is feeling anxious about your fashion choices, or you think they may accidentally hurt themselves attempting to escape from a holiday outfit, consider skipping the fashion statement this holiday season.

Invited Guests

One of the best parts of the holidays is getting to spend time with loved ones near and far. If you are planning a big get-together at your home, make sure to create a safe haven for your cat to retreat to if they become overwhelmed by the crowds. Many cats love being the center of attention at social gatherings, but make sure your visitors know any special rules you have for your cat. This could include being careful when entering and exiting the home to prevent your cat from door-dashing, providing cat-safe treats to share instead of potentially toxic human foods, and being respectful of your cat's desire to not be pet or picked up.

Holiday Gifts

There are many ways to keep your cat safe, healthy and happy this holiday season. If you are looking for some great gifts your cat will love, check out our store, Tamadori Collection. We have a nice assortment of products in our For Eating, For Exploring, For Grooming, For Playing, For Sleeping and For Wearing collections.

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