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When a natural disaster strikes, it is important to have a plan in place to keep your feline family members safe. You don't want to be surprised without the right tools and resources to keep your cat in good health and care. With a little planning and foresight, you will feel much more confident knowing your cat will be in good hands in the unlikely event that a disaster affects your home.

What kind of disaster should I prepare for?

Every region is different, so if you are new to your city, do a little research to familiarize yourself with the kinds of natural disasters that could affect your area. While there are universal supplies that are good for disasters like floods, hurricanes, blizzards, forest fires, etc., there may be additional precautions you may want to take based on your area. 

What should I put in a natural disaster preparedness kit?

Here is a helpful checklist to get your started:

1. Pet Carrier- make sure you pick one that is durable and easy to carry. There are a lot of great backpack carriers that are great for keeping your cat safe while keeping your hands free to hold other materials and navigate through a disaster. Have it in an accessible area that you can easily find when needed.

2. Food- pack enough food for a few days, which is sealed in an air-tight and water-proof container.

3. Water- pack enough water for a week. A few water bottles coupled with a portable pet bowl will be perfect for hydrating your kitty, as needed.

4. Medicine- don't forget to have any medicine your cat may need, which can be part of a first-aid kit you assemble for yourself and your cats.

5. Leash and Collar- having a collar with an ID tag is great so that anyone who finds your cat, if you were to be separated, would know who to contact. A leash is good too for having another hold on your cat as you have them outside in an unfamiliar environment.

6. Copy of medical records- remember to have a copy of your cat's records, in case you need to see a different veterinarian than you normally see.

7. Blanket- a warm blanket can serve as a sleeping spot, secure cave, warmth, and comfort for your cat.

8. Disposable litter box- this doesn't have to be fancy. Disposable tin trays would be an easy and cheap solution to pack in a bag, in addition to some bagged cat litter.

9. Photo of your cats- it's a good idea to have some print copies of photos of your cats, just in case you are separated but do not have access to internet or a cell phone.

10. Disinfectant wipes- wipes are great for keeping your temporary home clean.

8. Toy- a favorite toy can add a lot of comfort and normalcy for your cat when in a different environment. 

What other contact information should I have on hand?

You may not have access to your cell phone, computer, or internet during a natural disaster, so having a list of important contacts is key. Some good contacts could include your veterinarian, cat sitter, or good family member or friend who could care for your cat in the case of an emergency. 

What other preparations need to be made outside of a kit?

You may want to contact a neighbor who could enact your disaster preparedness on your behalf if you were not at home at the time of a strike. Getting your cat micro-chipped is a great idea too, since collars can fall off. 

Do you offer any products that could help me prepare for a natural disaster?

If you are looking for some great cat carriers and harnesses that would keep your cats safe and your hands free during a disaster, check out our "For exploring" cat products for some great options.

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