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Although cats can have the reputation for being aloof and not affectionate, cat owners know there are many ways your cat shows love for their humans. Once you know how to read their love language, you'll be filled with warmth from seeing the signs all the time! Here are 4 ways your cat shows you that you are the apple of its eye:

1. Kitty Stalker

Do you walk around the house, only to feel the uneasy feeling that you are constantly being watched? You may have a kitty stalker in your home! Cats love to watch their humans and will often position themselves in such a way as to always have you in their sights. If you move to another room, they will follow you. If you go to sleep, they will sleep near you, next to you, or maybe even on top of you! If you leave the house, they will watch you from the window. When you return home, they will be waiting right next to the door ready to welcome you. Consider this stalker behavior a compliment. Your cat wants to be near you and know where you are at all times because they care for you. They may even communicate this with a slow blink, also known as the cat "I love you." Why not try slow-blinking right back?

2. Physical Loving

Another way your cat may show its affection for you is through physical touch! While not all cats are lap cats, even the shyest of felines may exhibit one of the following behaviors:

- Rubbing against your legs when you are still

- Head butting you with a gentle bump

- Kneading you while you are sitting

- Grooming your skin or hair

- Gently biting you while in a play session

These are all great ways for your cat to get your attention, share scents, and treat you like you are a fellow cat. Congratulations, your cat has accepted you into its circle.

3. The Art of Seduction

Some cat love behaviors are designed to get your attention and lure you closer. One great example of this is laying down on the floor, belly up, while rolling around. Not only is this an incredibly cute behavior, but it is one way your cat communicates it wants your love and attention. You may also see the end of your cat's tail curl and vibrate when you are around, which is another sign of anticipation and happiness luring you in to play or pet your cat.  Purring is a great way to show love through our auditory senses. We can't help but hear and feel the gentle vibrations and want to instantly show our love right back. Whether rolling, vibrating, or purring, your cat is demonstrating that it feels comfortable and safe around you, which is the best way into their heart. If all else fails, they may even ambush you with loud meows if you have been ignoring them for a stretch of time. It may seem demanding, but your cat just wants your focused love.

4. Finding the Purr-fect Gift

Have you ever come home, only to find a dismembered mouse waiting for you at the door? Or, woken up from a deep sleep, only to encounter a dead bird in your bed sheets? This may be quite the unpleasant surprise, but in reality your cat has just shared a gift of love. Cats are excellent hunters and often keep their food for themselves. However, when they choose to share their prey with their human they are showing their ability to be providers, while demonstrating the ultimate expression of "sharing is caring." 

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No matter what your love language, we hope you and your cat will build a bond of mutual trust and care!

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