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We all love petting our cats and showering them with love. So why do our cats repay us with an unexpected nibble after a play session or brushing goes south? Is there such a thing as giving too much affection?

Why do cats bite?

Scientists have varied opinions on why cats bite. Sometimes your cat may be trying to get your attention for a specific need, such as food. Other times, a bite may serve as a warning that they are overstimulated and would like you to stop a particular action, such as petting. What these bites have in common is that they are not typically associated with aggressive behavior, like hissing, and do not typically break the skin. It is important to watch your cat carefully to learn how it communicates.

How do you get your cat to stop its biting behavior?

Consistency is key. Make sure your cat knows immediately when it does a behavior you don't like. When playing, try using toys so that your cat associates biting and kicking with something like a feather toy, as opposed to your fingers and toes. Also check to see if your cat's basic needs have been met--eating, hunting, sleeping. 

Do you offer any products that could help with biting?

If you are looking for toys that will help redirect your cat's play aggression from your hands, check out our "For Playing" section on our Tamadori website.

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