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Whether you call it "baking biscuits," "kneading dough," or "smurgling," all cat owners have witnessed the adorable rhythmic pawing of their feline friends. Why do our cats exhibit this behavior well into adulthood?

Kneading as Kittens

Kneading is a natural behavior that starts when cats are babies. As kittens, it is not uncommon to see them kneading on their mothers during feeding time. It is thought that this rhythmic pressing into their mother's mammary glands helps stimulate milk production.

Kneading for Comfort and Affection

As adults, cats will often be found exhibiting this kneading behavior. Sometimes you may see your cat kneading in their favorite sleeping spot or on their favorite person. Many scientists believe this behavior could be the result of demonstrating affection, self-soothing, or spreading their scent around their home.

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