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You spy your cat comfortably stretched out on the floor with its belly displayed in all of its soft and fluffy glory. Thinking you have been extended an invitation for a rub, you reach down, only to be swatted away. Why do our cats show off their belly in the first place?

What does it mean when a cat shows its belly?

Cats have the unique position in the animal kingdom of being both predator and prey. In the wild, it would not be a good idea for a cat to expose their most delicate body part--their belly. When your cat shows off its belly, it shows a deep trust and connection to you. Your cat could be very happy to see you, be feeling playful, or just very relaxed. Be happy--your cat feels quite safe and secure around you.

Should I rub my cat's belly?

Probably not. It is possible there is the rare cat that actually enjoys having a light belly rub, but cats are not dogs. In all likelihood petting their bellies will betray their trust and they will be less likely to relax comfortably. If your cat shows off its belly, try taking an adorable photo instead!

Do you offer any products that could help keep my cat feeling safe and confident enough to rest comfortably while exposing its belly?

If you are looking to keep your cat feeling cozy and secure, check out some incredibly charming cat beds in our "For Sleeping" section on our Tamadori website.

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