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Gone-Fishing Electronic Catnip Toy


Appealing Motion- These electronic catnip fish toys move like real fish out of water! The jumping and flicking motion is sure to activate your cat's predatory senses. Motion detection is aware when your cat is present to better simulate prey your feline is sure to pounce on.

Realistic Appearance- The fish shapes, colors and patterns look just like live fish. Not only will these trick your cat into thinking they are real fish, but they will make fun photos to fool your friends and family too!

High-quality Refillable Catnip- Each fish comes with a refillable catnip pouch, perfect for charging your cat's energy. Easily refill with fresh catnip, as needed, to ensure your toy brings maximum satisfaction.

Energy Saving Operation- No need to constantly buy batteries for your electronic cat toy! The on/off switch helps to conserve the power of each toy when not in use, and also comes with a rechargeable USB cable.


Watch your cat reel in the catch of the day! Your cat will enjoy sinking its teeth into these realistic Gone-Fishing Electronic Catnip plush toys as you tackle your next play session. Infused with catnip, these fish are sure to excite your cat’s inner hunter, while giving you some comical photo opportunities.

Feeling too tired to play with your cat? Just activate the motion mode to make the fish flop around on the floor. Your cat will love the lure of the hunt, while you can rest and enjoy the show!

With multiple appealing fish species to choose from, why stop at only one? Buy more and save! These are perfect gifts to have multiples of for your cat, or have on hand for your cat friends!

Product Dimensions: 

11.8 inches length, on average 

Shipping Estimate:

2-3 weeks

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