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The 5 Traits Your CBD Oil for Cats Must Have

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Do you want to transform your cat's health and ensure they live a long life, while saving hundreds of dollars in expensive vet bills? If you answered yes, you may want to consider CBD Oil as part of your cat's daily routine. Fans of CBD have long touted the potential holistic healing properties of cannabidiols as a safe and effective alternative to prescription medication for combating stress and pain. Humans have enjoyed the benefits of the hemp plant for years, and now your cat can too!

If you have a senior cat, anxious cat, arthritic cat, epileptic cat, allergic cat, or sick cat that has not responded well to expensive veterinary medicine, CBD Oil may be an effective, safe, and natural way to finally experience some relief without a prescription from a vet. Preliminary CBD Oil studies have suggested it may be beneficial for pets struggling with illness, pain, and stress related to advanced age and common diseases. With multiple options to choose from, we have researched the top 5 traits your CBD Oil for Cats must have for safety and effectiveness.

1. Hemp Extract 

Hemp Extract (aka CBD Hemp Oil) is produced from the flowers and leaves of the hemp plant and contains high concentrations of CBD. When looking for a legitimate CBD Oil for your cat, make sure “CBD” or “Hemp Extract” are on the label. You must also see references to phytocannabinoids, which means that the cannabinoids present were produced from plants, as opposed to endocannabinoids which are produced from mammals.

Hemp oil (aka Hemp seed oil) is produced from the seeds of a hemp plant and contains little to no CBD. It can serve as a nutritious dietary supplement for your cat, but it will not have the desired health benefits of CBD.

2. Supplement Facts vs. Nutrition Facts

So, you have found a CBD Oil that says “CBD” or “Hemp Extract” on the label, but how do you know if it REALLY has CBD inside of it? It’s time to check the label! A reputable CBD Oil should have a “Supplement Facts” or “Product Facts” on the label. “Hemp extract” should be listed as the main ingredient and be measured in milligrams. Good CBD oil companies will make sure to have the Supplement Facts clearly visible in their product page photos, so you can know exactly what you are getting. Missing or obscured label photos that only show the brand name are likely trying to hide something

3. No THC Allowed

THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the psychoactive component of CBD and is highly toxic for cats. Why is THC bad for cats? It can have a range of unwanted symptoms and effects on your cat, including vomiting, anxiety, slow heart rate, lack of coordination, and agitation. To be safe, any CBD Oil you purchase for your cat should specifically state there is no THC, which means there is less than 0.3% THC present and is safe for your cat to consume.

4. Tincture Bottle and Medical Grade Dropper

CBD Oil should come in a tincture bottle because they ensure a range of important safety standards. For example, the medical grade dropper allows for adequate dispensing of liquids one drop at a time. The bottle itself also has a tight screw cap to prevent air and moisture from compromising the product, and a dark tint to stop sunlight from deteriorating the active ingredients. Not to mention, the glass material is food-safe and recyclable. If you see an oil sold in a larger, plastic, and dropper-free bottle, chances are it does not contain CBD.

5. Third Party Testing: Show me the documentation!

Once you have narrowed down to a few choices of CBD Oil for your cat, check to see if the company has third-party lab testing for their product. The CBD industry is highly unregulated, and as a result, some unethical companies over-state the quality and quantity of CBD in their product or lie outright.

Reputable manufacturers will have a third-party lab test their products and be able to produce a certificate of analysis (aka COA) upon request. Labs will typically test for things like cannabinoid profiles, presence of heavy metals, and biological contaminants to ensure the safety and efficacy of a product.

Companies are not required to have their CBD Oil for cats tested by a third-party lab, but a company with integrity will do so. If a company does not follow this practice, or refuses to share a COA with you, move on to a company that will!

Why You Should Avoid Buying CBD From Amazon

One word of caution—never buy CBD products from Amazon. According to Amazon’s own Compliance Checklist for selling drugs and drug paraphernalia, vendors are prohibited from distributing products containing cannabidiol. You may find many “CBD” oils come up on a search on their website, but in reality they do not contain any real CBD in them. Some Amazon sellers use deceptive practices to trick you into thinking their dietary supplements and oils are CBD oils, but they do not follow our top 5 traits above. Most real CBD Oil companies sell their products on independent websites for this reason. 


CBD Oil is changing the game in cat health and wellness, but finding a reputable company with high standards will make the difference in seeing positive and fast results for your cat. When selecting a CBD Oil for your feline, make sure it follows our 5 important traits, including: 1) Using real hemp extract, 2) Listing the CBD content in milligrams on a supplement facts label, 3) Having less than 0.3% THC, 4) Using a medical grade tincture bottle and dropper, and 5) Providing a Certificate of Analysis to confirm third party lab testing.

If you need a recommendation for a reputable company selling safe and effective CBD Oil for Cats, look no further than Tamadori Collection! We focus solely on the cat market to sell high-quality CBD products that we have tested with our own cats, Tama and Midori. You can see them right on our logo and bottle label! As cat-lovers, we can relate to fellow cat parents’ desires to keep their cats healthy, happy, and safe, which is why we created our unique CBD Hemp Oil for Cats. When you order from Tamadori Collection, you can rest-assured that it meets all 5 of our top safety traits above. Visit our website for more details and ways to save!

Which one of our 5 safety traits is most important to you and why? Comment below to enter our monthly Tamadori Collection CBD Oil for Cats giveaway!




About Lizette M.

She is a writer and product tester for Tamadori Collection, an online cat shop based out of Greater Boston. Tamadori specializes in unique gifts for cats and cat lovers alike. Their website also features informative cat articles about health and wellness, cat behavior, and cat travel destinations. You can find helpful product reviews, exciting outdoor adventures, and funny cat challenges on Tamadori's YouTube, Instagram and Twitter accounts. The company's mascots, Tama the Calico and Midori the Tuxie, serve as the inspiration behind Tamadori Collection.

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