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Our Story

Welcome to Tamadori Collection!

We are a small, family-run business based out of Greater Boston with a love and passion for cats. Having two quirky felines at home who are quite affectionate and playful inspired us to launch our own online store in 2019. Cats deserve unique and fun gifts, and so do their human companions! Browse our growing selection of products for whimsical and playful designs specially selected for both you and your cat. Join our online community to learn more about cat behavior, health and wellness, and fun cat travel destinations inspired by our furry family members below: 

Meet Tama 

We rescued Tama from the Ellen M. Gifford Cat Shelter in Brighton, MA. She had just arrived and after rebuffing the attention of many potential adopters, she walked right up to our family for affection. We like to believe Tama chose us, rather than the other way around! Her calico color matches her sassy cat-titude, and we can’t imagine our lives without her. 

Meet Midori 

We rescued Midori from the Animal Rescue League of Boston in Boston, MA. Her beautiful green eyes and playful spirit captured our hearts at first sight, and she has enjoyed keeping us on our toes ever since! Midori absolutely loves people, and she is constantly greeting visitors, looking for laps to nap in, and spying on the neighbors on her weekly cat walks. 

About Our Name:  

In addition to our love for cats, our family has a great appreciation for Japan and their kawaii (cute) culture, so don’t be surprised if you see products and articles inspired by our friends from the East. The name “Tama” is actually the most common name for cats in Japan, meaning “round,” and “Midori” means “green.” Our business name is a combination of our two “mas-cats”Tamadori! Funny enough, “dori” also means “street” in Japanese, so we like to think of our shop as a stroll down a specially curated street meant for cat-owners and cat-lovers alike. Take a stroll through our site to see what we have to offer!