Your cat is your faithful companion, always there to give you comfort and love when you need it most.

So of course, you want to do everything you can to show your feline friend that same love and comfort – from choosing the healthiest foods for their digestive system, to keeping their skin and coat moisturized, smooth and shiny.

And one of the best ways to show your cat you care is by supporting their health and happiness with the power of CBD.

That’s because no matter what your cat’s age, CBD offers a natural and safe way to care for them, from the inside out…

Why CBD for Cats?

You may be wondering why CBD is a healthy choice for your favorite feline.

After all, while CBD has been making headlines for the incredible benefits it offers people – there’s less information about how CBD, designed specifically with your gentle friend in mind, can help them live better.

When it comes to Tamadori CBD, our powerful drops offer your feline a number of benefits, including:

  • CBD supports a strong immune system for a long, healthy life for your pet

  • CBD can help ease discomfort and promote mobility, to help make your cat’s everyday better

  • CBD helps to promote relaxation to ease the stress of vet visits, and help your cat stay calm

  • CBD increases overall wellness to give your feline the life they deserve

  • CBD soothes skin to ease irritation and allergic symptoms, and help your cat’s coat stay healthy and shiny

  • These are why more and more cat lovers are turning to CBD to give their pets a better quality of life at every age and stage of healthy.

    Is CBD Safe for My Cat?

    And there’s more good news…

    CBD is not only legal, it’s 100% natural and safe for your furry friend, and designed  to meet your cat’s unique needs.

    In fact, at Tamadori, since we curate products just for you and your cat, our CBD is formulated to be THC-free, so there are no psychoactive effects. This means your cat enjoys all of the benefits of CBD without getting "high."

    Cats vs. Dogs

    Another important question pet parents have when it comes time to decide on a CBD oil to help their cats live better, happier, and healthier lives is, how to choose the right formula. 

    There are many options out there for “pets”.

    But the question is whether you want a “pet CBD” or a CBD formulated specifically for your cat.

    After all, cats and dogs are different and have different needs. But sadly and all too often, our feline friends get overlooked for their canine counterparts when it comes to supplements.

    This means that many CBD companies out there create formulas that “can be used for your cat”, but aren’t actually formulated with them in mind.

    Tamadori is different… At Tamadori, cats rule!

    As cat owners ourselves, we craft our premium, ultra-high-quality CBD for cat’s only to meet their specific needs.

    We love cats in all their uniqueness…

    So why shouldn’t we show them how much we love them with a CBD uniquely designed for felines?

    Can My Cat Benefit from Tamadori CBD?

    So if you’re looking for CBD to help keep your furry companion at their best, Tamadori is here for you both…

    Cats that benefit from our premium feline-friendly CBD include:

  • Anxious cats who need relaxation support to promote calm

  • Cats who suffer from health concerns to help boost immune healthy

  • Older cats that have slowed down or suffer from joint discomfort who need to feel and move better

  • Young cats to support the longest, healthiest life

  • Tamadori CBD can be used daily to comfort and care for your cat, or as needed to prepare for those dreaded vet visits.

    And since our CBD is third-party lab tested to ensure safety and efficacy of our product and formulated with a taste cat’s love, you can feel good about turning to Tamadori to improve your cat’s health at any age!

    • Get More for Less
    • Zero Risk

    Get More for Less

    In addition to being designed specifically to meet the needs of your cat and lab tested for purity and safety, Tamadori can also help you save money and care for your kitty in the most cost-effective way possible.

    Our CBD Oil is potently formulated, so cats only need to take 1-3 drops.  This means that instead of going through a bottle every month, like with most brands, a single bottle is enough to care for your cat for 6 months (based on an average 10 pound cat).

    And since you can grab a bottle of our premium Cat CBD for just $59.99 that’s less than $10 a month to give your cat the health and happiness they deserve.

    You can even save 50% when you choose to upgrade your order to three bottles, bringing your monthly cost of caring for your cat down to only $6.67 per month!

    Try with Zero Risk

    And because at Tamadori, we’re all about cats, we want to make sure that you and your furry friend see all of the benefits our Cat CBD has to offer. 

    That’s why when you try our CBD for your cat, we back up your order with our Full, No Risk 90-Day Money Back Guarantee….

    Use our CBD for your feline companion, and if you don’t see positive changes in their health and temperament, you can return it with no questions asked.

    So why wait?

    Try Tamadori Premium Cat CBD today for a happier, healthier cat tomorrow and for years to come.

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