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Potential Benefits of CBD Oil

• May help inflammation associated with normal activity, to support your cat's mobility.

• Promotes a sense of relaxation and mental well-being, which may improve your cat's confidence at home.

• May help relieve occasional stiffness and soreness, to promote normal homeostasis and a higher quality of life.

• Promotes the body's innate resistance to pathogens, to help your cat maintain optimal health.

• Supports skin health, which may help active groomers nurture a healthy coat  and skin.

• THC free, so there are no psychoactive effects, meaning your cat enjoys all of the benefits of CBD without getting "high."

• And much more!

Why buy from Tamadori Collection?

1. Our CBD Oil is third-party tested, so you know it is potent and safe for your cat. We are happy to share the Certificate of Analysis to prove it!

2. Our CBD Oil is all-natural, so you will be able to read the label and understand exactly what you are putting in your cat’s body.

3. Our CBD Oil is THC-free, so your cat may enjoy all of the benefits of the range of cannabidiols without any harmful psychoactive effects.

4. Our CBD Oil is cruelty-free, so you know animals were not harmed in the making and testing of our products.

5. Our CBD Oil is made in the USA, so you know the hemp plants used in our products are sourced locally and support local farmers.


The order arrived very quickly, and I was surprised when it showed up a couple days after being submitted. There were no issues with the packaging. Regarding dosing, it took some trial and error, but we found putting a drop on a Greenie treat worked best for us. At first, we tried mixing it in with the wet food, which didn’t go well. Our cat, Bella, figured out there was something in there and wouldn’t finish it. She eats the treats so quickly that she doesn’t notice the CBD oil on them. I have tried other CBD products before and they made Bella sleepy, so we stopped giving it to her. The dosage recommendation on this product was better and she doesn’t get drowsy. We give 3 drops per day and have found her to be less aggravated. She has an issue where she chases her tail and bites her feet, but the CBD calms her and greatly reduces this behavior. We want her to be happy and relaxed and are going to stay the course with 3 drops per day. It’s been good so far and I would try it again! This is worth trying for any cat that needs help relaxing. 

- Benjamin M. on July 13, 2020
Pittsburgh, PA

I have been interested in trying out a CBD product for my cat for a while, but wanted to take my time to do my research. After checking out a few brands, I decided to go with Tamadori Collection's CBD Oil for Cats. They were really responsive in answering my questions about their product, which made me feel more comfortable. I have a calico cat that has always been a little neurotic. When we first adopted her 7 years ago, she tended to over-groom and lick the hair right off of her legs. The vet couldn't figure out why because she seemed perfectly healthy and had no allergies. We ended up putting her on Atopica, which helped with stopping the over-grooming, but I’ve always worried about the long-term effects of suppressing her immune system. She also has had a problem with vomiting for the past couple of years, which I assumed was the result of a combination of her medicine and her tendency to eat really fast. Thinking all of these symptoms might be related to stress, I decided to try giving her CBD oil and I have been very happy with the results so far after 3 weeks. She went from vomiting almost daily to maybe once a week, and I’ve been able to cut down her Atopica dose to once a week without any problems. She seems much calmer and happier to me with just 2 drops a day. Between the fast shipping, great customer service, strong formula, positive results, and great value (one bottle will last me 6 months!), I think this is a great product for pet owners looking to try CBD oil on their cats. 

- Crystal R. on July 14, 2020
Boston, MA

The CBD Oil only took  a couple of days to arrive and came sealed and undamaged. My  cats fight it a little  because I think they think it's medicine but had no reaction to the taste. After 4 weeks I think they are maybe a little calmer. Our cats are all pretty chill usually, but  one of them doesn't like  another laying next to them on the bed. She was fine with it the other night. I am giving this to them sothey have a relaxed   mood.  There have been no adverse  reactions and I would use this again. I recommend CBD Oil for cats with any type of joint pain  or anxiety.

- M.W on July 18, 2020

Williamsport, OH

Our Guarantee

Tamadori Collection CBD Oil for cats is made and shipped from the United States and we guarantee fast shipping to our customers. We also offer a 90 day money back guarantee. Our CBD Oil for Cats is made from natural cannabidiol derived from US grown hemp. Each bottle contains 30 ml of CBD Oil with 500 mg of hemp oil for improving relaxation and optimal health.  If you are not satisfied with our product, we guarantee to return your hard-earned money. What are you waiting for? Order today!


Step 1:  Weigh Your Cat

The average dose is 1 mg for cats 10 lbs and under, which would equal 1-2 drops a day. Cats between 10 and 30 lbs would get 2-3 drops per day. Adjust your cat's dose accordingly. 

Step 2:  Make a Dose Game Plan

The best method is to dispense your cat’s dose right into its mouth with the medical grade dropper. You can also put the dose on your finger and rub it into its gums for the most complete and fast absorption. If your cat does not like you to touch its mouth, you can place your cat’s dose on its favorite food or treat!  

Step 3:  Make CBD Oil a Part of Your Cat’s Daily Schedule 

Give your cat one dose a day--consistency is key!


Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract

A THC-free extract containing the full spectrum of cannabinoids naturally present in the hemp plant.


Medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) are fats found in food like coconut oil. It helps CBD oil absorb into the bloodstream more quickly.


What is CBD oil?

Let’s make one thing clear—CBD oil is not marijuana for cats! CBD oil is made from cannabidiol, which is one of the many ingredients found in the cannabis plant. It does not contain tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC, so it cannot make your cat psychoactive or “high.” All mammals, including cats, naturally have an Endo Cannabinoid System (ECS), which helps attach naturally produced cannabinoids in their body to cell receptors to help regulate sleep, memory and immune response. These cell receptors can interact with plant-based cannabinoids, such as CBD oil, for a range of positive benefits.  

Why should I consider CBD Oil for my cat?

As cats age, they become more susceptible to age-related diseases, causing changes in mood, energy-level, pain-management and temperament. If you have ever wished you could get your old furry friend acting more like its old self again, CBD oil for cats may help. Tamadori Collection CBD Oil for Cats may help the physical and mental well-being of your senior cat in a safe, natural, and cost-effective way.

Senior cats often have to go to the vet more frequently than younger cats, and as they mature, veterinarians are much more likely to prescribe them an alarmingly increasing number of prescription medications. Although these medications can be life-sustaining, they also come with a host of negative and dangerous side effects for your senior cat, which may reduce their lifespan overtime.

CBD Oil for Cats may help reduce the number of stressful vet appointments your senior cat has to experience, while promoting relaxation and mental alertness--with just one small dose a day!

Is CBD Oil just for senior cats?

No! In fact, CBD Oil can be quite beneficial for cats of all ages and temperament as a way to promote good health and wellness. Preliminary CBD Oil studies have suggested it may be beneficial for pets struggling with illness, pain, and stress related to advanced age and common diseases. If you have a senior cat, anxious cat, arthritic cat, epileptic cat, allergic cat, or sick cat that has not responded well to expensive veterinary medicine, CBD Oil may be an effective, safe, and natural way to finally experience some relief.

How much CBD Oil should I give to my cat?

The average dose is 1 mg for cats 10 lbs and under, which would equal 1-2 drops a day. Cats between 10 and 30 lbs would get 2-3 drops per day. Adjust your cat's dose accordingly.

How big is a drop when giving a dose to my cat?

Our tincture bottles come with medical grade droppers that dispense drops evenly and consistently. When we say 1-3 drops depending on the size of your cat, we really mean drops. Our formula is potent and does not require a large dose to take affect.

What is the best way to give my cat CBD Oil?

The best method is to gently dispense the appropriate dose for your cat's weight directly into its mouth using the medical grade dropper. You can also place your cat’s dose on your finger and rub it into its gums for the most complete and fast absorption. If your cat doesn't like for you to touch its mouth, try placing your cat’s dose on its favorite food or treat!

How long will it take to see results?

Just as in humans, CBD oil may take a few weeks to fully realize all of the benefits. It is like a dietary supplement, where the more you take it the more it activates in your system. We recommend testing for at least one month to see results. Every cat is different, so some may respond more or less quickly depending on their condition.

How long does one bottle of CBD Oil typically last?

One bottle of our CBD Oil for Cats typically lasts 6 months for one cat 10 lbs and under.

Can I view your Certificate of Analysis?

Absolutely! You can view our certificates of analysis here and here.

Can you recommend any scientific studies about CBD Oil in pets?

Sure thing! Check out these studies about CBD Oil and its potential affects on:

1. Skin Disorders and Dermatitis- University of Pisa, Department of Veterinary Sciences

2. Gastrointestinal and Cardiovascular Health- University of California, Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research

3. Anxiety and Pain- University of Florida, College of Veterinary Medicine

4. Seizures and Epilepsy- Colorado State University, The College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

5. Arthritis- Cornell University, College of Veterinary Medicine

6. Overall Health- American Animal Hospital Association

Still have a question?

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at info@tamadoricollection.com 

What makes our CBD Oil for Cats such a great value?

1. Save $160 with our product!

Our potent formula means one bottle will last the average 10 lb cat 6 months. Other brands dilute the formula so you have to give your cat a whole dropper full of CBD Oil per dose. This makes you go through their bottles much more quickly. Although it seems like a cheaper option per bottle, in reality you spend much more money in the long term. 

For example, a company selling a 30 ml oil with 125 mg of CBD at $40 a bottle seems like a good deal. However, the dose recommendation is 1 full dropper, meaning the bottle will only last you one month. If you want to buy a 6 month supply, you would pay $240. On the other hand, our 30 ml oil has 500 mg of CBD at $79.99 a bottle. That might seem high at first, until you realize that one dose is 2-3 drops, meaning one bottle will last you 6 months. That's a savings of $180!

Our bottle’s price reflects the potency, safety, and value you get from half a year’s worth of relief for your cat! 

2. Our industry-leading 90-day guarantee

We are so confident in our CBD Oil, we far surpass the average time other companies give you to test their product. Instead of only 30 days, we give our customers a full 3 months to test our product worry-free. CBD Oil takes time to work in your cat’s system, and we want you to have the time you need to see the great results, or your money back! 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Use only as directed. The information provided herein is intended for your general knowledge only and is not intended to be, nor is it, medical advice or a substitute for medical advice. If your cat has, or suspect it has, a specific medical condition or disease, please consult your veterinarian. Individual results may vary.

 *Due to local state laws, this product is not for sale in the following states, NY, ID, ME, OH, NC, IA, ND or NE

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