Furliminate Deluxe Roller

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Furliminate Deluxe Roller


Ergonomic Handle- One handed operation makes cleaning a cinch.

Wide Roller- Cover the maximum surface area to remove hair twice as fast.

Fur Collection Compartment- Collect fur in one spot for no-mess and easy disposal.

Reusable Design- Eco-friendly and cost-efficient design means you can use it again and again! No need to constantly buy disposable lint rollers that don’t last and harm the environment. Just empty fur compartment, wipe clean, and roll to your heart’s content!

Multi-Surface Capability- Perfect for carpets, area rugs, beds, sofas, and more!


Easily remove cat hair in your home with our Furliminate Deluxe Roller. Ergonomically designed to clean with maximum speed and comfort, getting rid of cat hair from your home will no longer feel like a chore! Our roller is environmentally friendly, easy to use, and excellent at removing unwanted cat hair from clothes, furniture, and floors--the sky’s the limit! You’ll wish you had this tool ages ago to keep your home fresh and clean.

Why keep this product to yourself? Share the love by getting one for your family and friends with cats too!

Product Dimensions:

7.5 inches W x 2.75 inches D x 4.7 inches L

Shipping Estimate:

4-7 days

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