Slow Feed Cat Bowls

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Slow Feed Cat Bowls


Help prevent your cat from gulping down its food to fast with our slow feed cat bowls. Designed to encourage your cat to eat at a pace that will discourage regurgitation, while also providing a meal-lengthening maze to make eating fun!


- Helps prevents bloating, regurgitation and feline obesity

- Promotes fun and healthy eating

- Durable and easy-to-clean plastic construction

- Non slip adhesive provided to keep bowl in place

- Available in 3 attractive styles and colors: Pink, Blue and Green

Product Dimensions:

Style 1- 7.6 inch diameter; 1.7 inch height

Style 2- 7.6 inch diameter; 1.5 inch height

Style 3- 7 inch diameter; 1.2 inch height

Shipping Estimate:

2-3 weeks

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