Interactive Cat Laser

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Interactive Cat Laser


Love to play with your cat but lack the time or energy to interact with your furry friend? Then this fun and intelligent cat laser is the perfect toy for both of you! With multiple switch-on and play modes, this toy is sure to keep your cat on its toes. 


  • 5 different-sized laser circling ranges 
  • Automatic and Manual switch-on modes, means you can turn the toy on with the click of a button, or have it turn on for 15 minutes at a time every 3 hours. 
  • Smart and Hand-held modes for playing, allowing you to pick up the toy as a hand-held laser, or let the laser choose random paths and speeds based on your cat’s motion. 
  • Plastic exterior makes cleaning easy 
  • Attractive design with cat-ear-shaped top 
  • Two power supply options—4AA batteries (not included) or USB power supply 

Product Dimensions:

7 inches H x 2.75 inches W 

Shipping Estimate:

2-4 weeks 

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