Cat Fridge Magnet Hook

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Cat Fridge Magnet Hook


Catify your refrigerator with these adorable and useful cat fridge magnets. Not only are these magnets great for displaying photos and artwork, but they can also hold everyday items like your keys. Just fold the tail up to create a hook capable of lifting the small objects you want to keep easily accessible. With 7 great cats to choose from, create a cat menagerie with them all! 


  • Soft plastic cat design with magnetic backing 
  • Hook holds up to 250 grams 
  • Available in 7 attractive cat color patternsWhite, Black, Gray, Orange Stripe, Gray Stripe, Calico and Tuxedo 

Product Dimensions: 

5.2 inches H x 2 inches W 

Shipping Estimate:

2-3 weeks