Furlifter Ultimate Kit

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Furlifter Ultimate Kit


4 Amazing Fur Removal Tools- Left and right gloves for brushing your cat, hair removal brush, self-cleaning brush base, and travel brush with self-cleaning base.

Eco-friendly Design- Gloves and brushes are reusable and cost-efficient. You won't have to constantly buy disposable lint rollers again!

Fur Repelling Surfaces- Fur is easy to remove and lift from gloves and brushes, allowing you to keep your cat and home clean.

Soft and Durable Materials- Brushes and gloves are soft, allowing you to remove hair gently without hurting your cat or causing damage to your precious belongings.


Never struggle with cat hair again with our Furlifter Ultimate Kit! Whether removing loose hair from your cat during a brushing session, or cleaning off your favorite clothing item or furniture, staying cat hair free will be hassle free. Our kit offers the tools you need to get to the root of your cat fur problem, starting with removing the loose hairs in your cat’s coat with gloves that will feel like a deluxe massage to your feline friend. Follow-up the routine with a brushing of any belongings affected by hair using the hair removal brush. Two sizes of brush mean you can leave one at home and have one on-the-go, so you’ll never show up to work or a social outing looking like a cat yourself!

What are you waiting for? Leave your cat hair struggles behind by gifting this to you and your loved ones with pets.

Product Dimensions

Gloves- 9 inches L x 6 inches W

Brush- 12 inches L x 2.2 inches W

Self cleaning brush base- 8.4 inches L x 2.8 inches W

Travel brush- 5 inches L x 2.2 inches W

Shipping Estimate:

2-3 weeks

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