Cat TV Window Mounted Bird Feeder

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Cat TV Window Mounted Bird Feeder


Create your very own cat TV with this durable and transparent acrylic bird feeder. Your cat will purr with delight as you activate its natural predatory senses at their favorite window perch, and you will enjoy providing such im-peck-able enrichment for your kitty! 


  • Easy to install, just mount it to any window with the provided suction cups 
  • Convenient to clean and refill with a removable tray 
  • Padded grip design 
  • Effective drainage design on both the tray and the main feeder, keeps seeds dry and fresh for longer 
  • Tray is divided into sections, which can be used to fill up to 3 kinds of seeds 
  • Works for all seasons 

Product Dimensions: 

11.8 inches L x 5.5 inches H x 4.1 inches W 

Shipping Estimate:

2-7 days